“Beware of These Termite Companies”

  “Beware of these termite companies”. This phrase is said all too much. Listed below are the reasons behind why this is so commonly spoken: “We have honest employees”– Okay so do they background check? Did you know that not all companies background check their employees prior to hiring them. You need apest control company that […]

It’s Never Too Early For Insulation

Yes summer is just wrapping up, but why not think about insulation now? The truth of the matter is, it is always a good time to consider if your home is fully insulated. In the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter, insulation will protect your home and power bill whether it […]

Beware Of Bed Bugs!

Bed bugs are members of the cimicid family that feed soley on human blood. Cimex lectularius is the most common bed bug. They prefer to feed on human blood. Other Cimex species specialize in feeding of other animals. Adult bed bugs appearance is a  light to reddish-brown, flat and oval-shaped, with no hind wings. Bed […]

Just Because Summer Is Leaving, Doesn’t Mean The Termites Do

Termites are often seen in the reproductive (Swarming Termite) form. These typically have black bodies and milky white wings and are mistaken for a flying ant.  The member of the termite colony that can cause thousands of dollars of damage to homes is called the worker termite. Worker termites are white with no wings and […]

Five Reasons To Never Use “Over The Counter” Pest Control

We have all seen them. The one and done pest control spray cans. Or the plastic traps that are supposed to solve all your pest problems. Yes, they are everywhere but do they really work and the most important questions is, are they safe? Most of the time the answer is no. Here are five […]

Why Worry About Termites

Provided by Below is an article that answers almost every question typically asked by someone looking or needing to have their home treated for termites.Although it was published based on conditions in Kentucky, most everything still pertains to Virginia. Along with the info below I encourage you to visit there page for additional information and […]

Want to Prevent Unwanted Pests?

Seal up holes inside and outside the home to prevent entry by rodents. Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a nickel, and rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a half dollar! Prevent rodents from entering the home by checking inside and outside the house for gaps or holes. Here […]