Rodent Pest Control

Fall/Winter is prime time rodent season. Why? Rodents such as rats and mice are searching for somewhere to nest for the cold season. Usually this means an attic, crawl space , walls or even furniture can be their new mailing address. So what do you do? Make sure to block entry points such as openings around electrical lines or plumbing lines around your foundation of your home. Companies like Universal Pest & Termite offer IPM. What is IPM? This is a form of controlling unwanted pest such as rats and mice without actually putting down poison. They will seal entry points, control food and moisture such as condensation under homes and make recommendations to the home owner about things they can do or change to reduce the chance of an unwelcome infestation. Why should you be concerned about a rodent infestation? Other than the obvious health risk concern, rodents can cause thousands of dollars of damage in a home by contaminating insulation, damaging insulation around HVAC lines, chewing on electrical line that could cause a fire risk and entering and contaminating your air ducts. Why do you do first? Have your home inspected by a company like Universal Pest & Termite. They can tell you if you have or have had an infestation of rodents. They can also inspect insulation and air ducts to see if there is evidence.air-ductRodent Pest Control Virginia BeachRodent Pest Control Newport News,WilliamsburgAir Duct CleaningInsulation Companies

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