Mice in my air ducts?


I have mice in my air ducts? Are you kidding me?

So I had a rodent infestation this winter in my home. My home is clean….or at least that’s what I thought. I have had mice in my attic in the past so as most people do I called a pest control expert in Virginia Beach. They were reasonably priced and the technician was nice enough. On occasion, the mice would come back and so would the exterminator. What they failed to tell me was that the mice were using my air ducts to get around my house and that one duct line actually had a nest in it. I guess I should have known something was up because Max, our family dog, was acting funny every time she stepped into that room. So how was I to know this is what rodents do when nesting in a home? I guess most people wouldn’t think to ask a pest professional to what they need to know about the pest they are there to service. So now I find out that not all pest control companies in Virginia Beach or even Virginia actually clean air ducts. Who would have thought? Wouldn’t this be a standard service for rodent services? I was told by my neighbor that a company called Universal Pest & Termite actually has a duct cleaning division. The lesson learned is don’t assume when you hire a professional that you are getting the service or attention you think you deserve.

FYI. These are the reasons I found to have your air ducts cleaned by achrnews.com:

1. Allergies. By properly cleaning their air duct system homeowners protect their families from harmful dust and other contaminants. Air ducts provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold, fungi, and other allergens.  Children under the age of four are particularly vulnerable and the result may be allergies or asthma.  S

2. Mold.  Many air duct systems are located in a home’s basement.  Most have had a wet, damp, or flooded basement in the past. This moisture may cause mold and mildew to grow in and around the ductwork.  An anti-microbial should be fogged into the system after the cleaning to prevent future growth.

3. Pets.  Animal fur gets trapped in the vents and builds up living germs, fungus, and allergy-causing bacteria. Pet dander will still exist from a previous owner and will cause reactions for people with allergies. The fur and dander can also hinder the efficiency of the HVAC system. Clumps of hair will slow down the airflow for the entire system.

4. Dust.  New homeowners may do constant dusting only to find the dust back the very next day. The reason is the dust continues to flow through the house and ductwork until it is properly cleaned.  Homes built today will have drywall dust and construction debris in the ductwork before the owner even moves in.

5. Efficiency.  Years of dust, hair, pests, and other pollutants in ductwork will hinder an HVAC system’s airflow.  A proper cleaning will help remove the buildup and promote the proper airflow needed to run the system at peak efficiency. The spiders, insects, and rodents that have been living and dying in ducts for years will be cleaned out as well from a thorough cleaning.

6. This one is mine:   Rodents!!!!


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