Why Did the Snow Melt on My Roof Before My Neighbor’s?

Since when could Hampton Roads get close to a foot of snow? Well, now I guess. I have lived in my home for about five years now and I have always had some questions during the winter, and now after the snow I have one more. Why did the snow melt on my roof before my neighbor’s?

After doing large amounts of research, I have found some very interesting conclusions that I think you all should hear. The amount of insulation in my attic is the first answer to my question. Not enough insulation in my home can cause the heat to pass right through my roof, in turn causing the snow to melt faster than my neighbors.

This got me thinking, my heat runs 24hrs a day in my house in the winter. It will never get warmer than 65 degrees no matter what I have the heat set to. Then I figured it out! It all had to do with the amount of insulation in my attic! You would think my current pest control company would include an inspection of this area in their quarterly pest service. But sadly, they do not.

Why is it that most pest control companies do not inform you of these things during an inspection? Why do they not do a full inspection consisting of checking the insulation in the attic and duct work in the crawl along with their normal routine? That’s because they are just another normal pest control company.

But all my questions and concerns have now come to an end when I was given the name of a company that does this all as a part of the quarterly service. I have found the perfect company that can assist in what I may need as a homeowner. Universal consists of Universal Pest & Termite, Universal Insulation Doctor, and Universal Duct Cleaning. One call to them gets me a full home service. I wish I would have found them before the big storm! But if we ever get another blizzard at the beach, my home and I will be fully prepared with Universal at our side!


About Universal

Universal Pest & Termite specializes in pest control and termite treatment services in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake,Portsmouth,Hampton and Newport News. Universal Duct Cleaning offers air duct cleaning in Virginia Beach, Newport News and surrounding areas. Universal Insulation Doctor offers home insulation services for your attic and crawl space.