Five Reasons To Never Use “Over The Counter” Pest Control

We have all seen them. The one and done pest control spray cans. Or the plastic traps that are supposed to solve all your pest problems. Yes, they are everywhere but do they really work and the most important questions is, are they safe?

Most of the time the answer is no. Here are five reasons why you should leave the pest control to the professionals:

  • Pet Safety: We all know that little fluffy can get into just about anything. Those not so secure traps and sprays are no different. Most over the counter treatments are actually not pet friendly. Pest control companies spend the time and money to ensure your entire family, including the ones with fur, are protected.
  • Tolerance level: Most remedies that you can purchase at the grocery store or your local hardware store has had the same ingredients for years. Many pests are able to adapt to its surroundings. Meaning, they can build up tolerance to chemicals, bait, etc. that they have encountered in the past.
  • Proper Chemicals: A little known fact about ants is that if the incorrect chemicals are applied they have the ability to divide their current colony and begin to nest in different areas. That is not good if that area is multiple locations in your home. Pest professionals are always aware and alert knowing exactly what is required to get your rid of any pests.
  • Nesting: Unfortunately, attic and crawl nesting is something that pests do. Attempting to remove any pest on your own can be potentially dangerous to both you and the animal(s). Pest technicians are highly trained to handle the removal of any pest in a healthy and humane way.
  • Short Residual: No one can buy a pest control treatment for $10. That $10 spray or bait will last you a very short period of time. Meaning you will be buying can after can. Stop wasting your money and call a professional that will actually get the job done for one price.

Universal Pest & Termite takes all of these issues into consideration. Each family should live in a safe and pest free home and Universal Pest & Termite is here to help. Call 757-502-0200 for more information today!

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